NHS Leadership Academy

2024 | London
Developing better leaders in health and care

Susan Edwards

Director, WonderIf

Curiosity led Susan to do what she loves, which is to understand what motivates people to do the work that they do. With over 18 years’ experience, Susan has had the opportunity to support hundreds of clinicians with their career & leadership coaching. She trains teams and organisations focusing on leadership and management, communication and career wellness. Working with ICB’s, PCN’s and NHS and Community Service Trusts Susan runs Compassionate & Inclusive Leadership Programmes, she is on the Faculty Leadership Skills & delivers Team coaching. Susan predominantly works in science, healthcare, academia and business. As an RSA Fellow, she is part of a coaching community that aims to turn coaching into a social contribution through events, discussions and the sharing of best practice coaching methodology and techniques. Qualifications include a MA, MSc, Post Grad Dip in coaching, MBTI practitioner, visual thinker and happiness facilitator.