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This toolkit is intended to be used by partners, speakers, and sponsors to help spread the word of the BMJ Leader Live conference. Included are some basic social media suggestions with supporting images including the BMJ Leader Live logo. Don’t forget to follow BMJ Leader on Twitter to stay up to date on everything leading up to the conference.


For Speakers



💭 I am delighted to be speaking at the #bmjleader_live conference 2023. Join me for my discussion on [topic] as well as others to share and develop knowledge on the key issues facing UK healthcare leaders! https://bit.ly/3UoOApE

💭 Don’t miss my presentation at #bmjleader_live 2023! Register today to learn from leaders across the health and care sector https://bit.ly/3VmSwY6

💭 I am speaking at the #bmjleader_live conference! Register today to develop effective leadership skills across the health and care sector: https://bit.ly/3VmSwY6


LinkedIn / Facebook

💭 Join me at the #bmjleader_live conference in London 2023 to hear my discussion on [topic]. https://bit.ly/3udXCtU

💭 Very excited to be speaking in London at the BMJ Leader Live conference #bmjleader_live. Learn more about my session [session title] https://bit.ly/3udXCtU

💭 Register now for the #bmjleader_live conference where I will be speaking: https://bit.ly/3VBWVGy



For Partners



💭 We are proud to support the #bmjleader_live conference with the mission to give every health and care professional the support and skills to be a better leader. Register now! https://bit.ly/3VmSwY6

💭 We’ll be at the #bmjleader_live conference in London 2023 – will you? Learn more: https://bit.ly/3UoOApE

💭 We’re excited to be a #bmjleader_live partner! Join us on 24 Feb 2023 for our strive to develop better leaders in healthcare. For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/3UoOApE



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💭 We’re a proud sponsor of #bmjleader_live. Come join us at the conference in St Paul’s, London 2023: https://bit.ly/3fODJ9r

💭 [Company name] are in partnership with the BMJ Leader Live conference taking place 24 Feb 2023 at St Paul’s, London. We will host a one day conference to give every health and care professional the support and skills to be a better leader. Join us: https://bit.ly/3fODJ9r

💭 We can’t wait to see you at the BMJ Leader Live conference on 24 February 2023! We are proud to be in partnership with the BMJ on this inspiring event in the strive to improve leadership in healthcare. For more information, visit here: https://bit.ly/3fODJ9r







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Posts for Everyone



💭 Reshare 📢 The #bmjleader_live programme has now been released! Find out more about our one day conference and register with early bird today! https://bit.ly/3grPWRG @NHSLeader @BMJLeader


💭 Reshare 📢 This year’s #bmjleader_live will offer three conference themes throughout the day: Developing leaders, Learn from leaders and Making progress. Interested? Click here to find out more! https://bit.ly/3G03Tk2


💭 As many health & care professionals don’t get the opportunity to acquire leadership learning, the #bmjleader_live conference is open to anyone in the profession who wants to be a good leader. There is content to suit all levels of experience!⭐ 📚 https://bit.ly/3UoOApE



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💭 BMJ [@please tag] is proud to launch the BMJ Leader Live conference held in St Paul’s London on 24 Feb 2023. Throughout the day, practical learning and coaching will be provided to help individuals and teams develop effective leadership behaviours and improve their practice. Attendees will benefit from expert-led content and practical workshops on the key issues facing UK healthcare leaders, plus opportunities to collaborate on finding the solutions to shared challenges. Register now https://bit.ly/3EDR5gS


💭 The BMJ Leader Live conference, taking place on Friday 24th February 2023, so far has a fantastic line up of speakers. We are delighted to introduce Bob Klaber (Consultant General Paediatrician & Director of Strategy Research & Innovation, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) and Dominique Allwood (Director of Improvement and Partnerships at UCL Partners), our keynote speakers who will be providing essential insights into the development of future healthcare leaders. Find out more about our speakers here! ➡️