10 November | Birmingham
February 2024 | London
Developing better leaders in health and care


The time for informed leadership has never been more paramount, where rational, evidence-based thinking must be central to all strategic decisions. It is critical that leaders at all levels are leading the discussions, outlining the challenges and considering how they reinvigorate collaborative leadership while still ensuring they meet the needs of their community.

This regional one-day conference will explore how leaders can most effectively use their resources, including personnel, to deliver the greatest opportunities for health and care professionals to transform future health outcomes by:


Key actions

  • Exploring next steps toward leadership for a collaborative and inclusive future
  • Building trust – moving away from a blame culture
  • Developing communication, advocacy, and creating actions deliverable by individuals, healthcare organisations and connected industries
  • Discussing inclusion vs inclusivity – exceeding standards in equality, diversity, and inclusion for the LGBTQIA+
  • Understanding kindness and kinship in healthcare


The programme design

  • Thought leadership discussions
  • Practitioner-led insights
  • Impact-orientated developments
  • Skills based workshops