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2024 | London
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Denise Rosembert

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow 2021/22, Lead Pharmacist Biologics, Homecare, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Denise is the Lead Pharmacist for Biologics and Homecare services at Cambridge University Hospitals. As well as being an independent prescriber, Denise has worked on Trust -wide digital transformation and health technology innovation projects, medicines optimisation, antimicrobial stewardship and cost improvement projects. Denise has done a Masters degree in Clinical Pharmacy Practice and has recently completed the Chief Pharmaceutical Officers’ Clinical Fellowship programme with the Specialist Pharmacy Service. She led on several projects during the Fellowship and worked alongside the behavioural change team at NHS England. Denise is a compassionate and ethical leader and has promoted equity and diversity throughout her career. She believes that developing colleagues, creating a safe, honest space and building strong relationships allows a team to flourish and innovation to flow.