10 November | Birmingham
February 2024 | London
Developing better leaders in health and care

The BMJ Leader Live Regional Conference takes place on Friday 10 November at The Studio in Birmingham.
With an overall theme of Diversity and Inclusion.

| 08:15-09:00

| 09:00-09:05

| 09:05-09:55

Mala Rao, OBE
Professor & Director, Ethnicity and Health Unit, Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Imperial College London

Format: Keynote
Theme: all
Audience: all

| 10:00-11:10

In this session, we’ll have an opportunity to focus on understanding and developing the skills of compassionate leadership.

  • Appreciate the skills and strengths that you have in attending, understanding and empathy
  • The importance of diversity of thought in your roles as leaders
  • Consider the 3 elements of self-compassion and how to embed this into your practice.

Susan Edwards Director, WonderIf

Format: Workshop
Theme: Developing leaders
Audience: Aspiring leaders

Leaders have been identified as having a significant influence in fostering an innovative culture. This session will introduce delegates to the theory, models and techniques to promote innovative thinking. Information provided will be applicable across a range of contexts, supporting the identification of barriers, and strategic thinking in response to these; promoting an innovative culture. Interactive exercises will provide the opportunity for discussion and practical application, enhancing the transferability of skills back to the workplace.

Emma Morley Associate Director, Work Psychology Group

Fiona Patterson Director, Work Psychology Group

Format: Workshop
Theme: Learn from leaders
Audience: Current and senior leaders

Courageous Conversations are about raising a challenging issue with a colleague, including line managers and partner colleagues. It is courageous because you are seeking to raise an issue that will cause participants to reflect and act. You will feel apprehensive, concerned for the other’s person’s feelings and their response. You will often feel strongly about the issue in hand, and may be holding a minority view or concerned about the impact on you personally. This is particularly true in health and care settings because we care deeply about the people we are caring for; want to support those we work with and have a professional duty to speak up.

In this interactive session we will offer some useful tips and guidance on Courageous Conversations including :

  • Knowing when to have one
  • How to plan and approach the conversation
  • How to maintain an open and solution focused dialogue
  • How to ensure that action results
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to simulate a Courageous Conversation of their own

Marie Gabriel, CBE Chair, NHS North East London ICS

Format: Workshop
Theme: Making progress
Audience: Current and senior leaders

Part 1: Leadership for a collaborative and inclusive future: in conversation with the General Medical Council (supported by GMC)

Our work shows the direct link between effective leadership and the impact that it has on creating collaborative and inclusive healthcare environments. We know that effective leadership is crucial for both staff wellbeing and for patient safety.

In this interactive session we will:

  • Reflect on the impact of ineffective leadership in medicine
  • Consider how cultures aid discrimination at work
  • Explore the work the GMC is doing to tackle inequality issues
  • Identify what can be done to support effective leaderships, inclusive cultures, including resources and support available to you.

Part 2: BMJ Leader, Meet the Editors

Join us for an overview of BMJ Leader journal, and meet the editors.

James Mountford, Director of Quality, Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, and editor-in-chief, BMJ Leader

Amit Nigam, Deputy editor-in-chief, BMJ Leader, Professor of management, Bayes Business School

Format: Workshop
Theme: Learn from leaders
Audience: all

| 11:10-11:30

| 11:30-12:40

Inclusive leadership is crucial if we truly aspire to create cultures and environments where everyone feels like they truly belong. Inclusive leaders are individuals who act with integrity, honesty and compassion, collaborating with every person in their team. They have explored and acknowledged their own biases on their leadership journey and have diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of everything they do. By actively seeking out and considering different perspectives to their own, leaders inform their decision-making as well as ensure that every voice is heard, and people feel like they belong. In this session, you will hear from two inclusive leaders who will share their journey with you followed by an open discussion session.

Joseph Hartland Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, Deputy Education Director for Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 3D (Disability, Disadvantage and Diversity) Helical Theme Lead, Bristol Medical School

Morvia Gooden Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy

Format: Workshop
Theme: Developing leaders, Learn from leaders
Audience: All

Have you ever felt that your success is by accident? That you may be “found out” at some point?

You’re not alone.

This is an interactive workshop reflecting on imposter phenomenon; where it comes from and what the impact is. Using a positive and practical approach we will explore how to deal with personal imposter phenomenon; developing practical techniques in dealing with intrusive thoughts and feelings. Following the workshop participants will be able to recognise imposter phenomenon in those around them and respond appropriately.

Katie Wallace Clinical Oncology Consultant, Gloucestershire Hospitals, Leadership course facilitator, HEE

Sarah Merrifield Clinical Lecturer, University of Manchester, Locum GP, NHS, Leadership Course Facilitator, HEE & Seventeen Seconds

Format: Workshop
Theme: Learn from leaders
Audience: Current and senior leaders

The Messenger and Pollard review of NHS leadership and management proposed the introduction of agreed universal standards. We will explore with participants what standards are, what they could do (and may not do) for individuals and for the service, and how they could be implemented in health and social care. This session will explore the practical implications of adopting standards, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that they could bring

Niomie Warner, Head of Research, Evaluation and Insights, Leadership and Lifelong Learning and Talent Management, NHS England

Format: Workshop
Theme tags: Making progress
Audience: Current and senior leaders

What happens when medical experts become leaders of organisations in their field?

This panel discussion with two senior doctors will look at their leadership journeys in the public and the private healthcare sector, the benefits expert leadership brings to organisations, departments and individuals, as well as the role the Executive Master’s in Medical Leadership (EMML) at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) played in shaping their personal leadership style.

Jay Mehta, Chief Medical Information Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Millie Saha, Director of Primary Care Clinical Services, HCA Healthcare UK
Amit Nigam, Deputy Editor in Chief, BMJ Leader, Professor of management, Bayes Business School; United Kingdom

Format: panel
Theme tags: Developing Leaders Learn from Leaders
Audience: All

| 12:40-13:40

| 13:40-14:00

It’s an irony that professionals working in our healthcare systems, which are founded on basis of care and compassion, feel like they are drowning with ever more demands of patient care and heavy emphasis of organisations and systems on doing more with less. It’s not surprising that staff are increasingly disengaged and their experience of delivery of healthcare is progressively dehumanised, transactional, burdensome, and cruel. In this keynote Dominique will discuss important aspects of workplace well-being going beyond yoga classes, to look at resilience, staff engagement and the important role that leaders play.

Dominique Allwood Director of Improvement and Partnerships at UCLPartners; Senior Visiting Fellow at The Health Foundation; Deputy Director of Improvement & Strategy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Format: Keynote
Theme: all
Audience: all

| 14:05-15:15

Join this session to discuss the highs and lows of leadership and get your questions answered. Hear from an expert panel for their take on common leadership dilemmas and questions.

Denise Rosembert Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow 2021/22, Lead Pharmacist Biologics, Homecare, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Trevor Bibic Learning, Development and Careers Consultant, Brightbloom Training Ltd

Amit Nigam, Deputy Editor in Chief, BMJ Leader, Professor of management, Bayes Business School

Format: Panel/fireside chat
Theme tags: Developing leaders, Learn from leaders
Audience: All



This workshop aims to take a deep dive into what collective or shared leadership really means. Participants will be invited to explore how we liberate ourselves from the status quo of traditional, hierarchical forms of leadership within health and care and identify what an enabling culture of leadership for all could look like at self, team, organisation and system level.

Recent data will be shared with colleagues on the barriers to leadership development for clinical colleagues with an exploration of possible strategies to overcome these.

In the spirit of collective leadership, this workshop does not aim to provide all the answers; it aims to draw on the lived experiences and reflections of all those in attendance to see if we can pioneer collective leadership together.

Rammina Yassaie Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Centre for Leadership in Health and Social Care, Sheffield Hallam University

Format: Workshop
Theme: Learn from leaders, Making progress
Audience: Current and senior leaders

In this session, we will speak to three multi-professional clinical leaders who have a passion for inclusive leadership. They have driven inclusion in their own workplaces and will share some of the secrets of their successes with you in to help you on your inclusive leadership journey. Ras will discuss how we can support our disabled colleagues, Steph will talk about LGBTQIA+ inclusion with a specific focus on Trans Inclusion and Dan will discuss his work for ethnically diverse healthcare workers. This is one not to be missed!

Daniel Collard Mental health nurse, Workforce Race Equality Standard Team, NHS England
Rasleen Kahai Highly Specialist Respiratory Dietitian, Disability Network Co-Chair, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals
Steph Meech Paramedic, South East Coast Ambulance service, Trans Lead, National Ambulance LGBT+ Network, Diversity and Transgender equality Champion

Format: Workshop
Theme: Developing leaders, Learn from leaders
Audience: Current and senior leaders

| 15:15-15:35

| 15:35-16:25

In this talk Dr Bob Klaber will describe the theory, evidence and practice behind kindness sitting at the business end of healthcare. He will also share the learning from a community of around 1000 healthcare leaders from 31 countries who have been working and learning together as they look to change the culture of healthcare to one that is more kind, caring and relationship-based, and leave you with some thoughts and actions to take away and put into practice.

Bob Klaber Consultant General Paediatrician & Director of Strategy Research & Innovation, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Format: Keynote
Theme: all
Audience: all

| 16:25-16:30