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2024 | London
Developing better leaders in health and care

Developing better leaders in health and care

For 180-years, BMJ has been sharing knowledge and expertise that improve health outcomes. We are proud to draw on this history to unite current and future leaders in health and care for a new one-day conference, BMJ Leader Live.


BMJ Leader Live mission

BMJ Leader Live will give every health and care professional the support and skills to be a better leader.


BMJ Leader Live objectives

We aim to:

  • Form a diverse collaborative community of professionals working across multi-disciplinary teams and across different organisations, levels and specialties
  • Improve staff and patient outcomes through effective, informed and inspiring health and care leadership
  • Learn from current leaders and empower aspiring leaders in health and care 

How we will achieve our objectives:

During our one-day conference, we will provide practical learning and coaching to help individuals and teams develop effective leadership behaviours and improve their practice.

Attendees will benefit from expert-led content and practical workshops on the key issues facing UK healthcare leaders, plus opportunities to collaborate on finding the solutions to shared challenges.


BMJ Leader Live themes

BMJ Leader Live will provide practical learning and skills-based training with the aim to equip health and care professionals from diverse backgrounds to be effective, informed and inspiring leaders.

The conference themes will be centred around:

  • Developing leaders
  • Learning from leaders
  • Making progress

BMJ Leader Live is organised by BMJ

BMJ event for leaders in health and care

As a global healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ publishes one of the world’s most cited general medical journals, The BMJ, and over 70 specialty journals, including BMJ Leader. The company also offers digital professional development courses, clinical decision support tools and are experts in running events across the globe. Visit the BMJ website.

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